Keto Diet: Fast weight loss experience with intermittent fasting

Keto Diet: Fast weight loss experience with intermittent fasting

Keto Diet with intermittent fasting: Fast weight loss experience

Narayanan reduces 14 kg weight within 2 months: LCHF Keto diet with intermittent fasting for easy weight loss tips

I started my Keto diet on the 12th of June. The first week was a normal diet where I was supposed to cut down my food intake to half of what I normally eat in a day. The result was a reduction of 1kg within a week. From the next week, the real Keto diet began. There are lots of restrictions in this diet and being a vegetarian (eggetarian), it is even tougher. However, I think for a non-vegetarian, it might turn out much easier. My plan was to go on this diet for a maximum of 2 months. I shall give the details of the allowed food items in my next message. After a week of the diet, I was able to reduce 3.5 kg!! The drastic reduction was because of the loss of the excess water content in my body. The diet was continued with a 12-hour eating window and 12-hour fasting; which I found fairly very easy. I saw a reduction of another 1.7 kg by July 4th. I started my next stage of Intermittent Fasting (16:8) – which meant that my eating window was only for 8 hours and my fasting was for 16 hours. However, during the fasting period, I was allowed to have lime juice, black tea, and black coffee(no sugar). I skipped my breakfast and hence my first meal was at 1.00 pm and my last meal was at 8.00 pm. This brought out a reduction of 1.05kg in a week. I continued the same fasting window for one more week and my weight was reduced by 1.3kg.

The next stage was a bit more strict; a fasting period of 19 hours. My first meal was at 3 pm and the last meal was at around 7.30-8.00 pm. As this 19hrs fasting is not allowed daily, I chose to have lunch at 1.00 pm on a few days. This continued for 4 weeks till the end of my diet where I was able to reduce almost 1.5 kg per week. Twice a week, I also followed 24-hour fasting (also known as water fasting) – where I had just one meal a day. It felt tiring in the beginning, but I was able to keep up with the intake of water and lemon juice. I ended my diet on the 15th of August and my weight was 69 kg. I was able to reduce 14kg in 2 months. Once the keto diet came to an end, slowly started a balanced diet and gave lots of inputs as to how can I retain my weight without gaining much. Now after a couple of months of stopping keto, my weight is still not increased due to the strict balanced diet and equally regular exercise which is very much important. Thanks to Binshin Health Tips for your valuable thoughts and guidance.



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